Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mature Interracial Porn Ampland

I'd just gotten home from work on a Friday evening when it all began...

“What the FUCK is this.” Troy burst into my room just as Dad was pulling down my jeans. “Get out,” he growled at Dad as their eyes locked. “Get the fuck out.”

I took a shower and prepared to set-up the office for the game, when Donna came in and asked me if I would help her with something in the living room. We walked downstairs and she instructed me to lift the curtain to a higher banister rail. While my right arm was stretched to it's limit (waiting for her to secure the curtain), I suddenly felt one of our padded handcuffs being applied to my wrist. By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late, I was attached to the banister rail! I began to protest, but Donna came down to me and started her sweet-talk routine.

"You two, out of the car now."

We had some more drinks and Tyrone told me that he wanted me to serve his drink topless. I can remember getting into that little slut outfit and fetching Tyrone his drink. The next thing I know Jose was there. I was so glad to see him I ran over to him and clutched his face to my naked breasts.

“And then….” I again prompted.

The kitchen overlooked the sitting room through a small breakfast bar with three stools. In the sitting room, there were several windows as the room fit into the corner of the building. It was ingeniously designed to use little space, but still be quite comfortable for a variety of needs. A large couch backed against one of the outside walls, and was capped by end tables. In front of it was a wide coffee table.

"Sounds good," I said. "I'll rent my house out to a friend of mine and look for your call Friday afternoon." I stood up. "Is this meeting adjourned? I want to get some coffee before we start deciding what we're going to do with Mom and Dad's stuff."

The head was beautiful and full and the length was at least 9 inches as I had trouble wrapping my hand around it. I knew that I needed him in my mouth so I slowly leaned over and took his whole length into my mouth. I slowly swirled my tongue around his head and up and down it's length as I gently sucked on it. He was moaning now, almost whimpering, as I continued to bring him to organism. I took his cock out of my mouth so I could kneel down in front of him. After I did, I leaned into him again and took his length in my mouth. I started to pump up and down on him as he moaned. I leaned back a little and told him to fuck my face and he started to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth as he held onto my head as if he were guiding his cock to its target. He pumped into me for a few minutes and then his legs started to shake and I knew that I would be feeling his come on my tongue at any time.

Sitting up, I moved out of the tub and onto the edge, I reached in my briefs and pulled out my dick.

Nancy now wants to do my makeup sitting down in front of the well-lit three-way mirror. She fits me with a headband so the back fits close to the nape of my neck. At this point she gradually pulls the front of it up towards my hairline little by little, each time stretching my scalp back. This process tightens my forehead and raises my eyebrows. It even makes my eyes look bigger. It is tight and uncomfortable but I realize that she must think it is an important for me to be wearing. I take off my bra and she powders blusher on my chest to blend the color of my skin and my fake breasts. Now she dusts blush from my chest to my shoulders and neck. My clean-shaven face is smooth but we decide but she decides to use cream to preserve a smooth look. Using tweezers she plucks my eyebrows one by one causing me excruciating pain.

She sucked me and I fingered her for what seemed like thirty minutes. The fat nurse entered the room, and upon seeing what was going on, screeched, "What the hell are you doing?" Linda slid off of my cock and stated, "Either get over here and lick his balls or get the fuck out!" The portly nurse fled as fast as her chubby ass could carry her! We shared a laugh over that and then returned to what had been interrupted.

"SHIT!" Joe yelled, his neck strained as his body drove one last time into his young daughter, flooding her rear, his seed leaking down her thighs and onto the bed. Grabbing her arms, he forced her hands from her clit, cutting short her anticipated orgasm. Crying and shocked, "What are you doing Daddy?" Jenny sobbed. Trying to get away from her father, Joe held tight and laughing at her pulled her arms back until she thought they would pop out of their sockets. "What are you doing? Please Daddy .. I .. I .. Please!" she wailed.

"I see the accused is conscious again," Ms. Sterndackle announced, "The witnesses may come forward."

"Yeah, all right. See you this weekend."

She stumbled as the chain pulled tight between her legs. One foot skidded and she fell--

"Mr. Lewis Smith, if you are in the building, please report to the Teacher's Lounge immediately". She repeated her announcement. She was a nervous wreck after making the announcement and gathered her purse to leave. Lewis, who valued his job very much had already heard the announcement and was curiously heading toward the lounge. He had never been in trouble and wondered about the call. Mrs. Johnson was nearly out the door when Lewis appeared.

"Yes, because I want to see it happen when you fuck him." Anne gave Beth a wry look. "I know what it feels like. I'd like to know what it looks like."

"Forget it, Daddy!" Michele objected. "Angie shouldn't have even told you about this, and you certainly shouldn't see me like this."

"Not good enough."

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